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Yulianna (U.S.Persona) was born on May 4, 1990, in Kharkov. Originality showed itself at school. Immodest garments, clear voice, attractive way of behaving immediately drew attention. Music became favourite subject at school, fashion design - at the university. Yulianna is the author of lyrics and music, she perfects herself day after day creating new songs that warm with tenderness and passion symbiosis. It's safe to say that talented person has gifts for everything!

With T-Bone Walker and B.B.King, the advance of RnB music accelerated. Forgetting the 1950s and returning to our days, one would like to create something new that will become not only the commercial, market oriented music but the music of soul. We wish to be proud of Ukrainian-Russian RnB, as just this trend laid the groundwork for "soul", "funk" and "fusion"; we wish to see "black" clubs, bars and dancings flourish in Kharkov. And maybe several years after, Kharkov will be called the city of showbiz and high quality RnB.

U.S.Persona - new age, your age RnB singer!

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